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As well as building a positive team environment RGA offers an in depth approach to further development for team members. This can be acheived by working with a smaller group of key individuals within team or by creating a programme that engages with our artists over a longer period of time. Introducing an expanded employee engagement component between RGA and your staff will enhance creative stimulation, which is key to improving work based productivity.

'Thank you for a most enjoyable evening of art...You gave us a proper team activity, with which we were all able to fully participate, contrary to some of our fears.  As I’m sure you understood from our reactions, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience. You had everyone supporting each other in creating their masterpieces.'  

(Director of Estates - Kingston University, London)

The Programme's curator will work with your company to develop a bespoke and workable timetable that will benefit your business and help improve individuals analytical thinking and problem solving skills. Having multiple opportunities to engage with RGA's; Creative Intelligence workshops enhances mental muscle-memory for those employees able to take part.

Skills Identification and Enhancement Programme

  • We will visit you at your business to find out more about your company, it's culture, your client audience and discuss key focusses for your teams

  • Run a SIEP session using artist led workshops to establish individual skills and group dynamics

  • Evaluate and feedback  

  • Follow up by using a new set of creative processes to consolidate these skills through collaboration

  • Develop individual and group awareness through a set of interactive sessions - aimed at helping employees to observe new skills as well as enhancing existing ones.


Personal Development

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