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Drawing Matters

Drawing Matters is our schools project to get children improving their skills in learning through the practice of drawing and mark-making.

Whether children are developing their existing art skills or wanting to develop new awareness our after school club provides the groundwork. Drawing is a skill and expression connecting us to many subject areas; art, design technology, fashion, textiles, engineering, architecture, graphic design, illustration and more. We find ourselves doodling for fun, to occupy our imaginations and even when preparing for presentations. Drawing is a part of our everyday lives, even if we are not aware of it, it infiltrates and enriches us.


Drawing Matters Online

During these unprecedented times we have decide to take our successful programme to an online platform. Current students completing this terms after school courses are already joining us from their homes to take part and reconnect with their DM peers. 

Our initiative isn't limited to our existing students however. We are reaching out to all young people and inviting you to join us for our unique online learning experiences relating to drawing in a wider context. 

You don't have to be an artist or studying art to join in, a healthy interest in drawing is all you need. 

For more information about Drawing Matters:

Contact Stuart or Tahira: | 


It has helped build my confidence when sketching, painting etc, you can use so many medias and you can find your favourite type of drawing

I love this club, it has helped me flow with my drawings and imagination. It has really helped me become creative

I have enjoyed every single bit of Drawing Matters. It has somehow given me a quiet confidence. I absolutely love this club

*Terms & Conditions: Our drawing matters courses are very important to us and underpin our values and mission to make art inclusive for a large number of young people. We will always do our best to make classes accessible for all and if for any reason we are unable to deliver a class we will infom you as soon as we can and offer an alternative time to make up the class. In the event of a force majeure, where the cancellation occurs due to circumstances beyond our control, we will either offer the class wherever possible on the school premises, if allowable or in place of this a 40 minute online session at the planned time of the class. We will not be able to offer refunds in these cases. 

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