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Groundwork & CSR

Groundwork is the important work we do within the community.

We have many years experience of developing projects that emerse the young people and multi-generational audiences in thinking and building awareness around art and what it means to them. Art is inclusive and community work reflects the opportunity to be part of making something unique or sharing personal memories, experiences and ideas using art as the tool to bring out those ideas.

Our work has always engaged people and we are always happy to work on new projects. Please see below for a selected list of our community projects or contact us if you are interested finding out how we can engage with your community group.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The issue of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) a bill with suggested requirements that all companies should be mindful of when trading and the effect this has on the wider community. According to Pinsent Masons:  850 of the leading UK companies are: “committed to improving their positive impact on society”. With a track record for leading successful community based projects at local and International levels RGA are able to advise businesses on effective ways to implement these positive impacts and therefore generating another sustainable source of revenue.

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