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  • Stuart Simler

Welcome to my blog about wellness ~ aka Wellbeing Wednesday

Updated: May 11

Hi everyone, my name is Stuart Simler and I'm one of the co-founders of Raw Ground Arts. My wife and I set up RGA to provide arts to the world around us, as an education tool, for community projects and to aid businesses in building their complany culture and employee wellbeing. Having spent the past three years working in a management role in the creative education sector, which was a decision largely informed by the impact the covid pandemic had on our business and the need for security during a time where we were trying to buy our first house. My experience of working in this environment combined with a world that was still coming to terms with a C-19 presented me with some moments of insight, crazy laughter, intuitive learning and when to acknowledge serendipity. All of these guided me to a point where I needed to look inwards and recognise that I have something to say, so that I can now use this space to share the importance of creating wellness and developing our sense of wellbeing. Here I will be sharing insights, light-bulb moments and observations from daily life as an offering to readers that might add a flavour of creativity from a another perspective.

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