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  • Stuart Simler

A Cry Inside

Updated: Nov 16, 2023


‘I have a cry inside me’ it was explained to me by a friend of ours, as I was trying to share with her the uncertain feeling echoing in the back of my mind. It didn’t feel like I needed to cry and it wasn’t recognisable as any sort of anxiety I might have previously experienced…but it was there. Like an echo of someone or something trying to get my attention, a voice in the far off distance. No scream, no desperation, just a feeling without a word yet, at least that is until the ‘cry’ concept was introduced to me. Reflecting on this I realise this was the culmination of many, many voices and expressions of people in my life, those close to me, those I worked with and those passing by. I see it in the man on our local high street, who wears his headphones and shouts out unpredictably as he simultaneously raises his can of lager and stares while strangers pass him bye. At first his demeanour appears aggressive but as I watch him from across the street, the scene unfolding tells me he simply wants to connect. His voice along with the others I observe are like quiet ghosts filling the emerging soundscape and it’s this that informs the feeling I began this post with and the one that stays with me, at a relatively safe distance. It is what brought me here, to this point and more significantly to this space - a counter balance, a place to share, express and connect. This is where and why I launch Wellbeing Wednesday, a space dedicated to sharing excerpts of observed moments captured in the moment, recognising them for what they are and released from our platform @RGA.



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